Throwback Gems: Doom

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Hey guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post anything. I’ve been out of town, and just now really getting back. I’ve missed the blog, and what better way to come back then with a Throwback Gems post? Hope you enjoy.

Doom_cover_artOriginally released in 1993, on PC, by id Software, DOOM has spawned across multiple platforms since then. In the video game industry, is known as a classic, and for good reason. I personally never played Doom, until 1995 on the SNES.

Who hasn’t heard of Doom? If not then it really would surprise me. Which it should, Doom is considered one of the most important and influential games in the industry. Looking back now, Doom may not seem like much. Back then, Doom was great, scary and terrifying to some, including me.

In the early 90’s gaming was just starting to break barriers. You the player, playing…

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