Rare Kong Classic

Main Sidequest

Kong approves! Kong approves!

Donkey Kong Country was a stellar release for the Super Nintendo when it first arrived in 1994. The graphics were like nothing that had ever been done before, looking like 3D Clay-mation that really jumped off the screen. The game play was also top notch, simple in its ideas but implemented masterfully to create a series of challenges that found new and interesting ways to construct platforming levels. This was followed up by its two sequals, Diddy’s Kong Quest and Dixies Double Trouble.

Feast your eyes on that hoard Feast your eyes on that hoard

Now, 20 years after the original release Nintendo recently celebrated the franchise with its Donkey Kong Country weeks, offering all the original Super Nintendo Donkey Kong Country titles on discount on the Wii-U e-shop.

Quest for bananas Quest for bananas

Even after two decades the games still hold up incredibly well. Immensely polished, standout artwork and incredibly emotive soundtrack buying them…

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